• Business Gifting

    Let us help you to say thank you or well done to your clients or staff.We offer a range of Business Gift Packs to make choosing a gift easy, but ca...
  • Our newest wine - Attento Pinot Grigio

    After 30 years’ experience of growing Italian grape varieties on our King Valley sites, we know every inch of our vineyards. We know what grows bes...
  • Margarita Prosecco Spritz

    This deliciously refreshing Margarita Spritz, will be our go to when catch ups are back on the agenda.
  • The making of Pizzini Pinot Grigio

    20 years of making Pinot Grigio in the King Valley have helped us develop and refine our Pizzini style - it is unapologetically Italian – crisp acidity, each mouthful savoury, a truly food friendly wine.

    Joel Pizzini, Winemaker 

  • Join the Italian table

    Food, Wine, Family & Friends - our Tre Amore - are at the centre of everything we do. We grow, nurture and create for the family table where we connect with loved ones and share amazing food, wine and stories. 
  • Arneis

    The little rascal. That’s what they called him. Alfred Pizzini, with his audacious attitude, both charming and disarming. Never one to follow the pack. The very best sort of mischief!
  • Pinot Grigio

    A story of survival, bravery, courage and love. A secret carried across the world. An Edelweiss flower plucked from the Dolomites. A small piece of home, travelling towards distant shores.
  • Growing Sangiovese since 1993

    Our passion for Italian varietals inspired us to plant Sangiovese grapes over 30 years ago. The climate and the landscape in the King Valley are very suited to this wonderfully savoury variety, and we have refined and developed our winemaking and grape growing practices over the years so that we now produce six distinct wines from this wonderful variety - each is a reflection of the site on which the fruit is grown.
  • Rosetta

    To know Rosetta Pizzini was to know true warmth. From her youthful energy, to the perfume from her bountiful flower garden, to long chats over a good, strong cuppa.

  • Send some love or treat yourself

    In uncertain times kindness and generosity can do wonders. A kind gesture can make someone's day - it can bring a smile to a face, relieve stress or return self confidence that might be fading. 
  • Meet our Wine Club Team - Titian

    Titian Bartleu is our newest Pizzini team member, she has joined us as our Wine Club Manager. Titian is very much looking forward to getting to know all of our members over the coming months. If you join us at one of our events please come up and say hi, it is always nice to be able to put a name to a face.

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