Aperitivo Hour arrives in Australia just in time for Summer

Aperitivo Hour arrives in Australia just in time for Summer

Italians and travellers know that, in Italy, the transition from day to evening is marked by Aperitivo Hour - when everyone stops to have a spritz and a plate of delicious bite-sized morsels. Pizzini Wines, the Australian leaders in the production of Italian wine varietals, are making Aperitivo Hour accessible to everyone this summer with the launch of their new spritzed wines in a can.

Available in three varieties - Prosecco, Rosé Spritz and Pinot Grigio Spritz – these lightly sparkling wines are conveniently sized in 250ml aluminium cans, so everyone can now enjoy their favourite aperitivo! Made from 100% King Valley fruit the wines have nothing else added except the bubbles, meaning they can be enjoyed on their own or form the base of any spritz-style cocktail.

Natalie Pizzini, our Marketing Manager and third generation family member, says that Aperitivo Hour has always been an important part of life for the Pizzini family here in Australia, just as it is for their Italian relatives.

“It provides a special time each day to stop, relax and reflect,” says Natalie. “And having a spritz is an integral part of the aperitivo experience. With our new spritz cans, you don’t have to open a whole bottle to be able to enjoy the quintessential Italian Aperitivo Hour. Now everyone can awaken their inner Italian this summer!”

The cans are available to purchase directly from us online here in 24-can cases, or in single varietal four-packs (RRP$22.00) nationally through First Choice, Liquorland and Vintage Cellars.