Put a Prosecco spring in your step!

Put a Prosecco spring in your step!

It doesn’t matter where you are in Australia right now, we are all in need of a ‘pick me up’. A quick and simple way to do this would be to pour yourself a glass of our Prosecco!

We produce a few different styles of Prosecco to highlight that the variety can be made into a simple, every day treat style wine, or more complex and alluring style reserved for a celebration – even if you simply want to pop the cork and celebrate the fact you made it to Friday! 

Our NV Prosecco is an everyday style, some say a staple. It has a delicate bubble and strong citrus notes with hints of wisteria, sweet sherbet, lime and jasmine. It is moreish with a tangy dry finish and is perfect for Friday evening Aperitivo hour. 

Our newest Prosecco is our Il Soffio. This Prosecco is in the more complex and alluring style. The wine spends six months on lees so has a decadent creamy mouthfeel. Inviting and moreish brioche, citrus and jasmine notes follow through to a lively palate where they combine with textural pear flavours. This wine has lovely length and is the perfect way to start a dinner party, or to enjoy with most light seafood dishes. 

Whatever your preference, we recommend having a few bottles of each on hand to put that spring back into your step. Needs some Prosecco – we have you covered with our Prosecco Mixed Dozen.