What is it about summer that we love so much? Is it the weather… hot days searching for aircon and balmy evenings spent outdoors? Is it the long days… where every waking hour is rejoiced in and treasured? Is it the seemingly endless catchups, get-togethers and soirées that seem to merge effortlessly into one another? Or is it the food…  stone fruit and seafood and beach picnics and park BBQs? Or is it the fact that whatever we do, we do it together—with friends and family—and in entirely our own way.

Here in the King Valley—the Australian home of Italian varietals—we think we’ve got it figured out. Our Pizzini Prosecco is summer in a bottle. And it’s everything we love about this laidback and languid time of year. 

So, here’s to summer… however you do it.

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