• Cellar Door is open for tastings

    We are thrilled to be able to welcome visitors to Cellar Door again. Tastings look a little different but you are still guaranteed our warm welcome and  friendly and attentive service, tastings will just look a little different.

    Find out more below, including information regarding bookings.

  • What is in a Name?

    In our wine range, we have a set of three, family inspired wines, all of which tell a story about three special family members. Our Rosetta – a fre...
  • Anzac Day and Rosemary

    Rosemary is a symbol of love, trust, friendship and loyalty. This fragrant shrub also ties Australians to Gallipoli where rosemary grows wild across the peninsula.

    As a way to reflect on our Gallipoli heroes, why not spend Anzac Day creating Katrina’s homely Roast Lamb with Rosemary and then enjoy it with a glass of Barbera, Sagrantino or Sanigovese Shiraz.

  • Wine and Chocolate Matching

    Wine and Chocolate matching can be tricky, but when you get it right the results are spectacular. if you are planning on enjoying some wine and chocolate this Easter, we have enlisted the help of our good friends Neil and Robyn from Renaissance Chocolates to give us some insider tips.

  • Perfect summer picnics

    Whether you’re picnicking for a day of family fun, a romantic date with your special someone, or to celebrate a milestone, picnics are the carefree and relaxed way to share a meal and pass the summertime.
  • Summer Rosé cocktails

    These Rosé cocktails are easy to make and even easier to drink - refreshing and fruity, they’re essentially summer in a glass! 
  • Fun Festive Cocktails

    Festive and summer holiday celebrations with friends and family are a great time to celebrate with a cold glass of Pizzini bubbles. With a few extra ingredients, you can dress a classic Prosecco, Moscato or Brachetto into a fancy cocktail for your party guests.

  • What Lies Beneath

    Savouriness, difficult to put into words, it is in the same family as earthiness and umami, one of those fleeting things that you recognise as you taste it and a trade that I am always looking to emphasise in our Sangioveses.
  • Over A Barrel

    Palate memory is a wonderful thing - we are often quite amazed at the power of a sip of a certain wine to instantly transport the drinker straight back to the time, place, company and flavours experienced in that precise moment.
  • Comparing Apples with Apples

    Writing wine tasting notes is a job I tend to put off, but once I get started it’s quite engrossing to pick out the elements of the blends I’ve created and try to match them with the right descriptors.

  • Over A Barrel ~ I’ve Gone Fishing!

    I can still feel the sting of the boot to my eight-year-old rump when Dad found me, happily walking home from a bit of night fishing in the King River near home.

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