A Sangiovese for every occasion

A Sangiovese for every occasion

Sangiovese is an alluring variety, it produces wines which vary greatly depending on the vineyard site, vintage conditions and winemaking approach, but you can always be guaranteed a delicious savouriness which makes this variety pair wonderfully with food.

Alfred Pizzini often says that you can start and finish a meal with Sangiovese, here are some suggestions for you to ‘create the occasion’.

To kick off any evening, you can’t go past Rosetta – this Sangiovese based rosé is delicious on its own, as part of a refreshing Rosé Sour, or simply paired with a perfectly ripe brie.  

For richer entrées such as cheesy tomato arancini, or even a relaxed pizza on a Friday night, head for our Nonna Gisella Sangiovese or Sangiovese Shiraz. These fruit driven wines have just the right amount of spice and acid to pair beautifully with many savoury foods.

For a hearty main, you can’t go past our Pietra Rossa or Forza di Ferro Sangiovese - depending on the company! Spend a good three hours making a delicious ragu or Bolognese and homemade pasta, then either set the table or make yourself comfy on the couch with your Sangiovese and pasta.

 The Rubacuori Sangiovese is a special occasion wine. Alfred’s advice is don’t wait for that special occasion, create one. Treat yourself and those around you to a glass of this wine paired simply with a good quality pecorino so that the wines characters are enhanced. You will savour dark chocolate, maraschino cherry and earthy notes on the mid palate soft plus savoury, tannins. Relax, sip and enjoy the many layers of this beautiful wine. It is the perfect way to end an evening.

Whatever the occasion, we have the Sangiovese covered. Try one of our sampler packs, or give a Sangiovese gift to someone you know will enjoy it.

Sangiovese Trio Gift Box

Bolognese Pack

The Sangiovese Series Six Pack

Gift Boxed Rubacuori Sangiovese