Caring and Sharing

Caring and Sharing

During these crazy times a hug from Nonna is exactly what we all need.

As kids growing up on the farm our happy place was a skip and a hop away from our house. Nonna’s biscuit jar was always overflowing, there was a pot of broth on the go most days and her lounge room was always warm and cosy. We trooped to Nonna’s whenever we could to chat about the day’s happenings and talk about family gossip, always in the hope that Nonna had a pot of Bolognese sauce brewing so we could invite ourselves for dinner.

Nonna and Nonno’s kindness and generosity was legendary and still to this day we have people drop in to cellar door to tell us stories of when their Mum and Dad, fresh off a boat from Italy, worked on our farm alongside our family during the 60s and 70s. Their next generations were told stories of how Rosetta and Roberto Pizzini helped them during tough times whilst they were working hard, share farming tobacco to establish a new life in Australia.

Being kind and generous right now is our antidote. Spreading kindness and joy is what will help us to mentally get through what COVID-19 is throwing at us. 

If someone you know could do with a little pick me up, give them a call to touch base or surprise them with one of our Care and Share Packs and a personal message so they know you are thinking of them; you might even want to treat yourself to something special. 

Natalie Pizzini