What is in a Name?

What is in a Name?

In our wine range, we have a set of three, family inspired wines, all of which tell a story about three special family members.

Our Rosetta – a fresh, vibrant rosé - was named as a tribute to Alfred’s Mother Rosetta – we would say that the essence of Rosetta is in her youth – both the wine and the person! She was young at heart and her zest for getting on with the job was infectious. Rosetta loved nothing more than spending time in her beautiful flower garden – the perfect setting for enjoying a glass of her favourite wine – which just happened to be named after her!

Nebbiolo is a classic Italian variety and our La Volpe style is a more fruit driven example – a fabulous introduction to the variety. Roberto Pizzini found much joy in tending to his pet peacock Paeky, who lived for many years in Roberto’s sprawling chook house. Roberto spent hours working on ways to strategically win the battle of keeping Peaky safe from the menace of the lurking foxes. Our La Volpe (The Fox) pays homage to Roberto’s cunning and his commitment, both of which were vital in keeping his treasured pet safe.

Nonna Gisella Pizzini was a warm, loving and humble lady who loved to feed you. Her strength and humility were passed down to all of her children. Nonna Gisella embraced all new experiences that life threw her way with an open mind. She would say “Cosa c’è di nuovo, non e ridicolo!”, “What is new is not ridiculous!”. This fruit driven wine is fresh and lively with plum, spice and chocolate characters, it is a most fitting tribute to Nonna Gisella.

If you haven't yet tried these delightful wines, we have an introductory three pack available at the moment which also makes a great gift.