We’ve captured Rosetta’s youthful energy in a bottle. Our rosé features an abundant combination of the lush berry notes of Sangiovese and the heady floral aromas of Nebbiolo. Like Rosetta, it’s generous, approachable and refreshing.   

Her wise council and generous embrace meant she was the go-to if you needed to confide in someone, though her firm grip on her values assured you she may not have told you what you wanted to hear! She loved her flower garden and a cuppa as depicted on our new label.

She was also an amazing cook. Rosetta’s spaghetti bolognaise recipe was legendary, so good in fact that it caused a huge fight between a newly married couple who were share farming tobacco on the Pizzini Brother’s King Valley property. Rosetta would sometimes cook the lunch for those working on the farm – usually a big pot of pasta. One day a young and newly married Francesca came crying to Rosetta telling her of the fight she had had with her husband over a pot of pasta she had prepared for their lunch. Her husband was so unimpressed with her efforts that he told her ‘Why can’t you cook like Rosetta Pizzini’, then he left the table without a bite to eat and went back into the paddock to work.

Rosetta laughed and said to Francesca “Don’t’ worry, he will be so hungry tonight he will eat anything”, then she proceeded to show her how to make her bolognaise sauce.

Our Sangiovese Nebbiolo rosé is best enjoyed right now, paired with an antipasto-laden table and lively conversation. 

La Famiglia. Our wines are a family—each one their own character.

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