Perfect summer picnics

Perfect summer picnics

Here are some of our top tips to create a perfect summer picnic with family and friends.

1. Pick your favourite location

With picnic spots dotted across our cities and towns, vast coastlines, beaches, regions, parks and gardens, it’s not hard to find prime real estate for your picnic rug or table - even if it’s just your own backyard.

Picnic spots with breathtaking views and a mix of sunny and shaded areas are the natural partner to a summer picnic. Also look out for amenities like a BBQ, water tap or toilet, which may be essential for your picnic crew.

2. Prepare a summer themed menu

Cold plates and picnic staples, salads and snacks are great in any picnic basket. For summer picnics, salads make the perfect addition to your picnic plate.

Try a summer vegetable fried rice, which is delicious when served chilled. Two other simple and great tasting salads for a summer picnic are Quinoa and Person fetta, and Thai salad with cooked ocean trout. For an easy to handy picnic snack, artichoke arancini with lemon mayonnaise will tantalise tastebuds and can be enjoyed warm or cold.  

3. Refresh and cool down with chilled wine

Complementary chilled wine is essential at any summer picnic. Wine varieties like Pinot Grigio, Sauvignon Blanc or Arneis go well when enjoyed chilled or over ice. For a red wine option, a splash of chilled Sangiovese is a refreshing alternative.

Over mellow evening picnics and for something more luxurious on the palate, try a vibrant red like Pizzini’s preservative-free Teroldego, or Nonna Gisella Sangiovese.

4. Plan games for kids and ‘kidults’

A few games or fun activities will bring a smile to all your picnic crew. A frisbee is a light-weight game to add to your picnic basket and is enjoyed by all ages.

If you’ve decided to share a few bottles of chilled wine, why not create a wine tasting activity so the kidults can sample each wine variety.

5. Don’t’ forget the picnic essentials

Remember to pack the sustainable basics from home - cutlery, cloth napkins, hard plastic dishes and refillable water bottles. Insect repellent and sunscreen are handy first aid items too.

For more summer themed recipes with matched wines visit Pizzini