The making of Pizzini Pinot Grigio

The making of Pizzini Pinot Grigio

Some see Pinot Grigio as a simple wine to grow, make and drink. Yes, it's easy enough to make a basic Pinot Grigio, but if you aim a little higher, or a lot higher as we do, then that's not the case - for me blending our Pinot Grigio each year is one of my biggest, yet most enjoyable challenges.

The Pizzini Pinot Grigio is sourced from fourteen of the Whitfield district's most meticulous grape growers. We make each batch as a separate, finished wine before I start trying out a number of combinations that vary the different components.

Over time I've noted the characteristics of the grapes sourced from each grower which range from mineral, crisp acid, lemon, salty and lemonade through to riper apple, crunchy pear, pear drop and pear blossom. This knowledge helps us decide when to pick each parcel of grapes and to shape the Pizzini house style of Pinot Grigio.

My aim when blending the Pinot Grigio is to find a seamless balance of all of these characteristics, resulting in a refreshing yet complex wine that we hope you will enjoy drinking as much as I enjoy making it.

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