Like our Alfred, Arneis is a tricky character—a real little rascal. It’s all in the timing—you need to be quick to harvest and slow to bottle. But when timed just right, the rewards are immense. Featuring beautiful ripe pear characters, this Arneis is fresh, crisp and savoury. Trouble worth getting in.

As a teenager Alfred caused mayhem on the school bus one day when he decided to carefully and gently use his chewing gum to stick the hair of the girl sitting in front of him to the back of her seat, she only realised when she got up to get off the bus and found she was tethered to the seat behind her.

Needless to say, Alfred never did that again as he wore the wrath of his friends’ anger as she proceeded to swing her fists wildly and curse Freddy Pizzini at the top of her lungs!

Whilst he was a rascal, Alfred has also been a leader in the production of Italian grape varieties in Australia, at a time when the names of some of these varieties were difficult for Aussies to pronounce and very little was known about the intricacies of making these wines, Alfred persisted and as a result the King Valley is known as the home to some of these varieties in Australia.

Our Arneis is a truly ‘drink me now’ style, best served with jovial conversation and a side of gentle disobedience. 

La Famiglia. Our wines are a family—each one their own character.

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