2016 Pizzini Sangiovese Pietra Rossa


The Sangiovese grapes are machine picked and then fermented with a yeast called BM45, made famous in Tuscany for making great Brunello wines. The ferment temperatures reach and are maintained at, 30°C. A hotter fermentation extracts maximum colour, flavour and tannin from the fruit. This heat also helps soften the tannins in the wine through the polymerisation process. Once the wine finishes alcoholic fermentation, the free run juice is drained and skins are lightly pressed. The wine settles for a day before being transferred to barrels for malic acid fermentation and barrel aging for 14 months. The wine is then blended, fined and bottled.



Oak: 100% Gamba, 25% Nevers, 15% Fontainebleau, 30% Allier, 30% Trancais
Oak age: 20% new oak
Oak toasting: 100% medium
Fining agent: Light egg white
Filtration: Cross flow



The wine is brick red in colour with a cherry hue. The nose is vibrant and fresh with aromas of cherries, raspberries and sweet herbs, which lead to a beautifully structured palate. Flavours of sour cherries and plums are combined with soft tannins, earthy undertone and a hint leather for a deliciously complex finish. A perfect match with chargrilled sirloin or gnocchi ragu.


Final analysis
Final alcohol: 13.8% Alc/Vol                                      
Final acid: 6.80g/L                           
Final PH: 3.55

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