Environmental Policy

Pizzini Wines cares keenly for our community and environment. We acknowledge that the success of our business is dependent on the environment in so many ways, including the potential risks of climate change, water use and availability, waste management, biodiversity and sustainable vineyard practises.
We aim to identify and manage environmental risks, as well as proactively influence the industries and communities in which we operate. We endeavour to embed environmental considerations into all that we do.

Our Approach
Our approach to our environmental management is based on six key elements:
  1. We define our environmental goals, and implement projects and initiatives that will deliver against these goals;
  2. We develop systems and processes to enable execution of our strategic plan;
  3. We identify our key stakeholders and identify their needs;
  4. We develop mechanisms for embedding environmental capability in our people;
  5. We are working toward developing an Environmental Management System that will be third party certified and therefore accepted by Entwine Australia, the Australian Wine Industries National Environmental Assurance Program.

Climate Change
We acknowledge the significant challenge posed by climate change and the action required to avoid increasing the concentration of greenhouse gases in the earth’s atmosphere.

We aim to reduce our carbon footprint by looking for opportunities both with respect to internal processes and across supply chain.

We also recognise that climate change presents a number of risks to our business, particularly those relating to regulatory changes and the impact of changing climatic conditions on our vineyards, and will adopt appropriate management systems, strategies and processes to adapt to these existing and emerging issues.

Vineyard Sustainability and Biodiversity
Pizzini Wines understands the role that the natural environment plays in the sustainability of their vineyards and ultimately their business.

Pizzini Wines will monitor and analyse climate related viticulture data. The information will be used to assist with planning, fruit contracting and in the review of the management and utilisation of resources and control of wastes and emissions.

Pizzini Wines' sites have biodiversity value that we wish to protect, enhance and restore. This encourages the retention of native flora and protection of native fauna habitats.