Pizzini Il Barone 2022

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Selected from our finest sites, our Il Barone weaves the distinctive characteristics of four varieties into a perfectly balanced symphony of flavour. The flavour comes to life firstly through the blackcurrant notes of Cabernet, then through the herbaceous Sangiovese, and then the Nebbiolo deftly completes the palate with complex star anise aspects, melding perfectly with the fleshy fruit of the Shiraz. Suited to aging up to 15 years.


Each variety is fermented separately, aged for up to 12 months in a selection of French oak barrels, then once blended the wine is for a further 6-12 in bottle months prior to release.
Sangiovese was inoculated with yeast BM45. The ferment temperatures reached and were maintained at 30°C. Once the wine finished alcoholic fermentation the free run wine was drained and the skins then lightly pressed. The wine was allowed to settle for a day before it was transferred to barrels for malic acid fermentation and barrel aging.
Cabernet Sauvignon was harvested in the heat of the day so fermentation could start immediately. The grapes were crushed, de-stemmed and inoculated with yeast. Ferment temperatures were allowed to reach 30°C to help with extraction of colour, flavour and tannins. After fermentation the skins stayed in contact with the wine for 10 days to help soften and round the tannins and improve texture.
Shiraz was fermented immediately after crushing and de-stemming. The grapes were inoculated with a yeast strain isolated from the Rhone Valley; the yeast specifically enhances the varietal characteristics of Shiraz - cassis, pepper and violets. The grapes were then pressed before fermentation finished and the wine was transferred to barrel to complete alcoholic and malolactic fermentation.
Nebbiolo, after crushing and de-stemming, was fermented immediately, then inoculated with a yeast strain from Barolo (a region famous for producing Nebbiolo). Fermentation lasted for about four days then the wine was lightly pressed and allowed to finish fermentation in oak barrels where polymerising helps to soften and round the tannins. The wine then went through malolactic fermentation in barrel followed by a minimum of twelve months aging in barrel.


Fermentation vessel: Stainless steel and oak
Type of oak used: Cabernet Sauvignon: Tonnelleorie Remond French, Shiraz: Gamba & Saury French oak blend, Sangiovese and Nebbiolo: Oak age: new 55%, 1-2 yr old 45%
Oak toasting: medium
Fining agent: NIL
Filtration: Cross flow

Final Analysis

Alcohol: 13.8.% Alc/Vol
Acid: 6.2
pH: 3.55

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We have a deep knowledge and understanding of each of our wine growing sites—and this familiarity is expressed through this range the most authentic expression of the diversity found in the King Valley. 


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