Pizzini Rubacuori Sangiovese 2006

Rubacuori is an Italian word and translates to “stealer of hearts”. It is our reserve Sangiovese.

Technical Information
Varietal percentage: 100% Sangiovese
Yield: 40 Hl/Ha
Picked: April 2006
Average brix: 25
Area harvested: 0.5 Ha

Vintage 2006
A very good Spring made way for good flowering and fruit set which then resulted in an even colouring at veraison. The 2006 vintage was hot and dry during late December and early January which lead to low cropping levels and accelerated ripening - three weeks ahead on the average. A good vintage for reds and early ripening whites.

Viticulture & Vinification
The grapes for this wine have been hand selected from a small region within one of our leading blocks of Sangiovese. The vines within this area consistently produce grapes with rich colour and flavour concentration. The grapes are handpicked and then crushed and de-stemmed to an oak barrel fermenter for fermentation. A yeast strain selected from Brunello di Montalcino was used to ferment the wine, this helps to give the wine more body and mouth-feel. The use of oak barrel fermentation constructs the back palate and helps to stabilise colour and tannins. The wine is then drained to French oak barrels where it matures for 18 months. The wine is then bottled and aged at least a further 2 years prior to being released.

Type of Oak (%): 100% Gamba, 50% Nevers, 10% Fontainebleau, 20% Allier, 20% Jupillies
Oak Age: 80 % New oak Oak
Toasting: 100% Medium
Fining agent: egg whites
Filtration: Polypropylene filters

The Wine
Mature and engaging, this full-bodied, smoothly flowing Sangiovese has raspberry, cherry, chocolate, leather and walnut aromas, deeply layered flavour and melting ripe tannins. Enjoy with a BBQ rib eye on the bone and a rich red wine jus.

Final Analysis
Alcohol: 13.8% Alc/Vol 
Acid: 6.3g/l 
Bottled: November 2008
Released: November 2017
pH: 3.55

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