2018 Pizzini La Volpe Nebbiolo

Technical Information
Variety percentage: 100%
Nebbiolo Picked: 25 March 2017
Yield: 25Hl/Ha
Area harvested: 0.7Ha Average brix: 24.5

Wine Information
Over the years our knowledge and taste for Nebbiolo has grown. We have learned which of our vineyard sites produce wines of distinction and longevity, and which are better for earlier consumption and short-term aging. Grapes for our La Volpe Nebbiolo are selected from areas of our vineyard that naturally produce softer, elegant, floral styles of Nebbiolo. This wine has all the hallmark characteristics of Nebbiolo such as roses, violets and hints of tar, along with soft yet present tannins making it suited to earlier consumption.

Vintage 2018 
The 2018 growing season provided many challenges including some extreme weather events such as rain, humidity, windstorms and heatwaves.  The King Valley had 80mm of rain in November providing some deep watering for the vines, which held them in good stead with the extreme temperatures encountered throughout December and January. Throughout February, the King Valley had some classical ripening conditions with high 20 to low 30 degree-days followed by the beautiful cool nights and the cooling King Valley breeze that runs through our vineyards. Yields will be average this year, which bears well for some top quality grapes and some intense, flavoursome wines.

The Nebbiolo chosen for this wine was selected from a vineyard that naturally produces more floral, rose and violet notes and medium styled tannins. The Nebbiolo grapes were crushed and fermented in open top fermenters for five days before the wine was press and stored in old, large barrels, which allowed the wine to retain its natural varietal characteristics.

Type of oak (%): Gamba, Trancias 45%, Jupillies 30%, Allier 25%
Oak Age: old large barrels
Oak toasting: 100% medium
Fining agent: Light egg white finning
Filtration: cross flow

The Wine
The wine is garnet in colour with brick red tones. The nose shows dried rose petal, violets and subtle star anise with earthy undertones. The palate is full, generous, fresh raspberries fill your mouth, the mid palate is packed with liquorice, red currents and the typical Nebbiolo tar notes we know and love. The finish is long, with hints of dark chocolate, elegant and powerful tannins that will linger longer with every mouthful. with  Enjoy this wine with a rare eye fillet on blue cheese mash potato

Final Analysis
Alcohol: 13.8 % Alc/Vol
Acid: 6.68g/L 
Bottled: June 2018
Release: July 2018

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