2016 Forza di Ferro Sangiovese

Technical Information
Varietal percentage: 100% Sangiovese Region: King Valley
Site selection: single vineyard 
Picked: March 2016 Average Brix: 23-25

Vintage 2016
We were blessed with a beautiful harvest, and one of the earliest starts to the harvest season in recent times. Bud burst was about a week ahead on average and we had lovely even weather conditions until January when we had about 3 inches of rain. Fortunately after the rain stopped we had lovely warm weather for the remainder of the season, which ripened the grapes beautifully. Our resident King Valley scientist believes the early onset of harvest was due to the extreme health of the vines, with all the leaves on the vines functioning at 100%. The 2016 vintage is our best vintage to date.

Wine information
Forza di Ferro is Italian for Strength from Iron. Iron rich soils, and is a single vineyard selection from our vineyard block D5. After barrel aging we then make a selection of the best tasting barrels.

Grapes are selected from identified patches in our leading Sangiovese vineyards. The fruit is crushed and de-stemmed into 3 tonne stainless steel fermenters. The juice and skins are then pumped through a heat exchanger to cool to less than 8°C and left for 4-5 days without adding yeast. On the 5th or 6th day the fermenters are warmed up and yeast add, at this stage the grapes have already started a wild yeast ferment. This method of fermentation helps to create wines that are fleshy and juicy with softly textured tannins. The wine then spends between 14-18 months in barrel before blending. It is aged in bottle for a further 10-12 months prior to release.

Type of Oak (%): 100% Gamba, 100% Allier.
Oak Age: 15 % New oak Oak
Toasting: No toasting
Fining agent: Egg whites
Barrel size: 3000L

The Wine
The wine is a deep brick red colour with a purple hue. Aromas of fine spices, ripe plum, strawberry, cloves, and nutmeg are intense and pure. As the wine evolves in the glass nuances of tar, earth, leather, rosemary, hints of orange myrtle and Chinese five spice emerge.
The palate if fine and elegant with fine chalky tannins. Vibrant acidity forms the cornerstone of the wine to bring the flavours and the aromas together. Would be perfect with an aged cheddar and good company.

Final analysis
Final alcohol: 13.8%
Alc/Vol pH: 3.52 TA: 6.4g/l
Bottled: June 2018
Release: Not yet released

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