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White Fields Pinot Grigio

White Fields Pinot Grigio

This sits in contrast to the regular (tall bottle) Pinot Grigio in that it is vastly more savoury and complex. Aromas of green almond, dried wild flowers and pears on the nose give way to a palate that has layers of texture and flavour. There's plenty of varietal pear and a little almond too; twisting savoury and gently chalky to close.
White Fields Pinot Grigio

White Fields Pinot Grigio 2017

Two parcels of Pinot Grigio were harvested to make the White Fields Pinot Grigio;  one from a section of our leading Pinot Grigio vineyard and the other from one of the coldest parts of the King Valley, Whitlands. These two vineyards are chosen as they naturally produce low yields and grapes with great intensity of flavour. The grapes were handpicked and placed in a cool room for two days to cool to 6 degrees Celsius as this helps increase the quality of juice pressed from the grapes, grapes are also only pressed very lightly to collect the best juice.  A portion of the juice was fermented in barrels with wild yeast to add some lovely creamy texture and funky notes, the balance was fermented in a stainless tank with added yeast. Lees are stirred for 5 months following fermentation to add a creamier texture and richness to the wine before being bottled.


Fermentation vessel: 50% stainless steel & 50% barrel fermentation
Oak used: 30% old French oak                                    Filtration: sterile
Fining agent: fish products                                           


The Wine
This wine is a straw colour with lime hues. The nose is complex with yeasty and nutty notes, which combine with aromas of lemon zest, green apple and white flowers. On the palate zesty acidity is balanced by yeasty characters from the lees,  providing lovely length and mouthfeel. The pear, green apple and subtle honey characters follow through to the palate rounding it nicely. Try this wine with lime-seared scallops on a light celeriac mash.


Final analysis
Alcohol: 12.1% Alc/Vol                                                          
Acid: 7.2 g/L                                                                   
pH: 3.32



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