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Rosetta (Sangiovese Rose)

Rosetta (Sangiovese Rose) 2018

This rosé has been made from selected Sangiovese vineyards that are noted for producing soft, delicate and fruity styles of wine. The fruit was machine picked, crushed and left on its skins for 8 – 9 hours. After pressing, the juice was then slowly cool fermented at 15ËšC to retain fruit aromatics and freshness.


Fermentation vessel: stainless steel                            
Fining agent: skim milk and isinglass                                           
Filtration: Crossflow filtration 


The wine
The wine is a blush pink colour with salmon hues. The nose exudes notes of strawberry, red cherry and raspberry with subtle herbal undertones. The palate is dry and crisp with fresh cherry and plum flavours and soft gentle tannins. The palate is long and persistent. This wine is best served with spicy salt and pepper calamari, or in the sun in your garden.


Final analysis
Alcohol: 12.1% Alc/Vol                                                  
Acid: 6.34 g/L                                                                 
pH: 3.31
Residual sugar: 0.67 g/l                                                                        


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