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Five ways to dress up your bubbles this Festive Season

Five ways to dress up your bubbles this Festive Season

 The festive season is a great time to get together with family and friends and celebrate with and a glass of Pizzini bubbles. By adding a few extra ingredients, you can dress a classic Prosecco, Moscato or Brachetto into a fancy cocktail.

Why not try one of our favourite wine cocktails at your Christmas celebration…


Mirtillo Blush
To add a Christmas-look to a classic glass of Pizzini Prosecco, add a splash of gin and Cranberry Juice.
Not only will your glass look festive, this balanced combo complements the dry finish of the Prosecco.
Christmas tip: If using a tall wine glass, use the length of mint, and place in the glass like you would a straw.

Makes Two

One serve of chilled Pizzini Prosecco
Half a lime juiced
45ml Sloe Gin (pink gin works well too)
60ml Cranberry Juice
15ml brown sugar syrup

Place all ingredients except the prosecco in a shaker with a scoop of ice, shake.
Strain into a Prosecco glass and top up with Prosecco
Garnish with frozen raspberries and fresh mint


Brachetto Mule
Cool down when the mercury starts to rise with an iced glass of Brachetto with a twist.
Christmas tip: For an even cooler cocktail, place your glasses in the freezer for 10 minutes prior to using.

Makes One

One serve of chilled Pizzini Brachetto
60 ml White Rum
60 ml ginger beer
4 mint leaves

Muddle lime, add mint, rum and a little bit of ice
Shake, pour all into a high ball glass
Add ginger beer and top with Brachetto


Summer Spritz
One of the best ways to enjoy a glass of Pizzini Prosecco is to make it a spritz. Because of the simplicity of a spritz, many different flavour combos work well - so there’s something for everyone’s palate.

Simply add a splash of soda to your Pizzini Prosecco and your favourite fresh fruit juice.

Fresh pear and apple juice with some lemon, lime and orange slices will take your glass of Prosecco to party status.

Christmas tip: With a variety of ingredients, create a prosecco spritz station. The hero at your festive celebration; giving guests the option to choose their own spritz combo

Two parts of Pizzini Prosecco
Two parts of fruit juice or fruit syrup (of your choice)
Two to three pieces of fresh fruit slices (of your choice)
One-part soda water to fill glass
Large round wine glass / large round tumbler

Add ice to glass
Add two parts of your chosen juice and fresh fruit
Add two parts of Pizzini Prosecco
Fill glass with soda water and serve
You can easily adjust the ingredient ratios according to your own taste.


Pizzini Lemon Berry Punch

If you’re looking for a festive drink to quench a group thirst at your Christmas or holiday party, then a punch a is a great option.
Christmas tip: To save time, make a large quantity ahead of guests arriving.

Ingredients (to serve 8)

One bottle of Pizzini Prosecco, or for a sweeter punch use Pizzini Brachetto
Two cups of lemon mineral water
One orange
Two lemons
One cup of halved and pitted strawberries
One cup of blueberries
One cub of soda water as needed

A large jug and eight tumbler glasses

Slice orange and one lemon and add to jug with berries.
Zest and juice remaining lemon into jug.
Add once cup of lemon mineral water and bottle of Pizzini prosecco. Stir all ingredients and taste.
Add remaining soda water and taste. For extra sweetness, add second cup of lemon mineral water.
Place jug in fridge for an hour for fruit to marinate.
Add ice into jug, stir and serve into tumbler glasses.

Apple Pie

Plum pudding isn’t for everyone. Apple Pie perhaps??

Makes  2

One serve of Lana Moscato
15ml Lemon Juice
60ml Cloudy apple Juice
Cinamon stick and lemon rind for garnish

Place all, except the Moscato in a shaker and shake with ice….
Strain into a martini glass
Fill glass with chilled Moscato, garnish with a cinnamon stick and lemon rind



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