2004 Coronamento Nebbiolo

Coronamento is an Italian word translating to “fulfilment of ones dreams”. It is the name of the vineyard site that the fruit comes from to make this wine.

Technical Information
Varietal percentage: 100% Nebbiolo Picked: 25th April 2004
Area harvested: 0.5 Ha
Yield: 45 Hl/Ha
Average Brix: 25

Vintage 2004
An excellent vintage. Good average rains during winter proved to be the foundation for excellent growing conditions during spring leading to very good flowering and fruit set for all varieties. Adequate rains during November and December set the scene to ripen and mature the fruit to an excellent standard without supplementary irrigation.

Viticulture & Vinification
The fruit selected for the Coronamento Nebbiolo is grown on the highest vineyard site on our King Valley property (350 metres above sea level). The vineyard was planted using a new clone of Nebbiolo - Nebbiolo 230. When selecting the grape bunches for this wine we select the best. Assessment is based on the general vine health and the cane’s maturity, first looking for full cane lignification, then the individual bunch maturity, making sure it has not been over exposed, and has full colour change.

Once picked the fruit is then tasted focusing on the tannins, ensuring they are ripe and without green edges. The seeds are also looked at to ensure they are fully brown, they are then tasted to make sure they are dry and nutty and without green notes.

Finally the flavour of the grapes is assessed. After harvest the grapes are crushed and de- stemmed into small fermentation vats and inoculated with a Barolo yeast which allows maximum varietal characters to come through. The fermentation is allowed to reach 30 degrees Celsius where it is maintained. Fermentation lasts for 4 to five days, the wine is then lightly pressed and transferred to new French oak barrels where it ages for two years.

Fermentation vessel: Oak barrique
Type of oak: Gamba French oak, tight grain 225 litre barrique
Fining agent: light egg white
Filtration: Polypropylene

The Wine
The wine is rich, brick red with plum coloured reflections. On the nose the wine has the classic new-world Nebbiolo youthful essence of dried rose petals and violets backed with earthy tar aromatics. The nose and palate needs time to open so decanter prior to drinking. Once open for a little while aromas of dried flowers, spiced plums, ripe wild red berries, star anise and cloves lift from the glass. The palate is full of lovely sweet tannins that fill the mouth. There’s plenty of concentrated fruit, with a little aeration, echoes of wild red berries, plums, leather, spices, cloves and tar, with a very intense finish are evident.

Final Analysis
Acid: 6.8g/l
pH: 3.45
Alcohol: 14.4% Alc/Vol
Bottled: March 2005
Released: June 2009

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