2018 Pizzini Brachetto

Technical information 
Varietal percentage: 100% Brachetto
Area harvested: 2 Ha
Disgorgement date: NA
Picked: 22nd March 2018
Yield: 55 Hl/Ha
Average brix: 24 Dosage: NA

Vintage 2018
The 2018 growing season provided many challenges including some extreme weather events such as rain, humidity, windstorms and heatwaves. The King Valley had 80mm of rain in November providing some deep watering for the vines, which held them in good stead with the extreme temperatures encountered throughout December and January. Throughout February the King Valley had some classical ripening conditions with high 20 to low 30 degree-days followed by the beautiful cool nights and the cooling King Valley breeze that runs through our vineyards. Yields will be average this year, which bears well for some top quality grapes and some intense, flavoursome wines.

The Brachetto grapes were gently pressed to get the juice off the skins, which reduces the phenolic and enhances the beautiful aromatic varietal characters. To keep the wine as fresh as possible it was fermented until it reached 5.5% alcohol, to retain strong aromatics and sweetness. The wine was then bottled under pressure to maintain a nice level of fizz to tickle the tongue and keep it zingy.

Fermentation vessel: stainless steel
Type of oak: no oak used
Fining agent: gelatine
Filtration: crossflow filtration

The wine
Traditionally a dessert wine originating from the Asti region of Piedmont in Italy’s North, this fizzy blush coloured wine is the perfect accompaniment to something sweet or is delicious simply on its own. The nose is beautifully aromatic, showing rose water, musk, dried rose petals, and raspberry lemonade. The palate is intense and refreshingly sweet, it explodes in your mouth with fresh raspberries and strawberries and tickles with fresh lime; one mouthful and you will be refreshed!! Add mint, lime, ginger and ice, and enjoy in the sunshine.

Final analysis
Acid: 8.2 g/l
Residual sugar: 138g/l
pH: 3.3
Alcohol: 6.5% Alc/Vol
Bottled: April 2018
Released: September 2018

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