A few fun facts about Titian

What has been you most memorable wine tasting experience?
A close girlfriend was the viticulturist at Clyde Park in Bannockburn for many years, so I was fortunate to see the inner workings of the winery and enjoyed many loud dinner parties along the way.

Describe yourself in 3 words
loyal, warm, bubbly (apt given the prosecco connection)

What is your favourite Pizzini wine and why?
A tough one…as I’m new, I’m still exploring. I can’t go past the Pietra Rossa Sangiovese and think the soon-to-be-released 2019 Nero D’Avola is outstanding

Describe your customer service philosophy
I have worked with member programs for many years and consider members as part of my broader family

What footy team do you barrack for – and why? 
I’m a Victorian non-believer, as sacrilege as that is. If I must….St Kilda, in the footsteps of my Dad. I would probably choose rugby union over football, purely for the joy of watching giant men throw themselves at the ground and bounce back up again.

Any other interesting facts about you? 
I lived in Tonga for 2 years and speak the language (somewhat) and am now the parent to two giant woolly-headed boys, a mad Devon Rex cat, two frogs and a gaggle of chickens.

 For those who are wondering about pronunciation of my name?
The name Titian was bestowed on me by my mother who was studying Renaissance art history at the time. I have seen the look in people’s eyes when they meet me and are surprised that I am not a giant Nordic viking-like man. To keep things easy….it is pronounced Tishn.

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