Pizzini Wines




Prosecco 2017

$21.50 BOTTLE

$258.00 CASE

A fun Italian style sparkling with a lemony, dry finish


Brachetto 2017

$19.00 BOTTLE

$228.00 CASE

Pink, fizzy and refreshingly sweet


Sauvignon Blanc

Sauvignon Blanc 2017

$18.00 BOTTLE

$216.00 CASE

Fresh-cut herbs, tropical fruits and a citrus tang


Riesling 2017

$18.00 BOTTLE

$216.00 CASE

Tight acidity, lovely fruit balance and lingering, limey finish


Friulano 2015

$18.00 BOTTLE

$216.00 CASE

Free-oo-lah-no. Italian wine style, aromatic, crisp and dry

Pinot Grigio

Pinot Grigio 2017

$21.00 BOTTLE

$252.00 CASE

Hints of pear and quince, it is crisp and dry

White Fields Pinot Grigio

White Fields Pinot Grigio 2016

$28.00 BOTTLE

$336.00 CASE

Savoury and complex with layers of texture


Arneis 2017

$24.00 BOTTLE

$288.00 CASE

Floral perfume with hints of citrus and almond on the palate


Verduzzo 2017

$24.00 BOTTLE

$288.00 CASE

Spiced baked apples, hints of mango, crisp, dry finish



Verdicchio 2015

$24.00 BOTTLE

$288.00 CASE

Nutty and silky with luscious textures and good acidity

Rosetta (Sangiovese Rose)

Rosetta (Sangiovese Rose) 2017

$19.00 BOTTLE

$228.00 CASE

Berries on the nose, musky, floral notes, crisp, dry finish

- Red WINES -

Sangiovese Shiraz

Sangiovese Shiraz 2015

$19.00 BOTTLE

$228.00 CASE

A lighter red with soft, chalky tannins

Nonna Gisella Sangiovese

Nonna Gisella Sangiovese 2016

$21.50 BOTTLE

$258.00 CASE

Medium bodied and full of flavour

Pietra Rossa Sangiovese

Pietra Rossa Sangiovese 2015

$28.00 BOTTLE

$336.00 CASE

Juicy, fleshy and drinkable, lingering soft tannins


Barbera 2016

$35.00 BOTTLE

$420.00 CASE

Notes of cherries, spice, plums and wild berries make way for savoury and earthy characters


Merlot 2016

$22.00 BOTTLE

$264.00 CASE

Mulberry, plum fruits and anise with soft tannins


Shiraz 2016

$25.00 BOTTLE

$300.00 CASE

Ripe flavours of plum and blackberry, some earthy notes


Canaiolo 2015

$24.00 BOTTLE

$288.00 CASE

Italian wine style, generous cherry and plum flavours

La Volpe Nebbiolo

La Volpe Nebbiolo 2016

$28.00 BOTTLE

$336.00 CASE

A fresh fruit driven Nebbiolo with soft tannins


Sagrantino 2012

$35.00 BOTTLE

$420.00 CASE

Gutsy, textural tannins, balanced with light acidity

Il Barone

Il Barone 2015

$45.00 BOTTLE

$540.00 CASE

Blend - Cabernet, Shiraz, Sangiovese, Nebbiolo


Nebbiolo 2013

$55.00 BOTTLE

$660.00 CASE

Rose petal perfume, mouth-filling cherry and plum flavours

Forza di Ferro Sangiovese

Forza di Ferro Sangiovese 2015

$55.00 BOTTLE

$660.00 CASE

Aromas of spice, berries and leather, lead to flavours of plums and cherries

- Reserve WINES -

Rubacuori Sangiovese

Rubacuori Sangiovese 2006

$125.00 BOTTLE

$1500.00 CASE

Intense with dark chocolate, sour cherry, smooth tannins

Coronamento Nebbiolo

Coronamento Nebbiolo 2008

$135.00 BOTTLE

$1620.00 CASE

Powerful, elegant and graceful

Per Gli Angeli

Per Gli Angeli 2010

$75.00 BOTTLE

$900.00 CASE

Vin Santo style, Christmas pudding in a glass, divine

- Large Format WINES -

Pinot Grigio Magnum (1.5L)

Pinot Grigio Magnum (1.5L) 2017

$49.00 BOTTLE

$588.00 CASE

A lovely 1.5 litre bottle of our Pinot Grigio


Pietra Rossa Sangiovese Salmanazar (9L)

Pietra Rossa Sangiovese Salmanazar (9L) 2014

$355.00 BOTTLE

$4260.00 CASE

A 9L bottle of 2013 Pietra Rossa Sangiovese



Picolit 2015

$35.00 BOTTLE

$420.00 CASE

(375ml) Luscious, silky and seamless


Lana Prosecco

Lana Prosecco NV

$20.00 BOTTLE

$240.00 CASE

Fizz, lemony, savoury

Lana Pinot Grigio

Lana Pinot Grigio 2016

$19.00 BOTTLE

$228.00 CASE

Layers of complexity, funky

Lana Il Nostro Gallo

Lana Il Nostro Gallo 2014

$24.00 BOTTLE

$288.00 CASE

Savoury, earthy, mouth-watering

LANA Nebbiolo Barbera

LANA Nebbiolo Barbera 2015

$25.00 BOTTLE

$300.00 CASE

A lovely balance of red fruits, spice and savoury characteristics

Lana Moscato

Lana Moscato 2017

$20.00 BOTTLE

$240.00 CASE

Creamy and zesty mouth-feel with harmonious balance of sweetness and acid

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