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A tavola! Cooking School

katrina pizziniKatrina Pizzini's hands on classes will leave everyone empowered and inspired by the end of the session. Most classes are taught by Katrina, but guest chefs will also be invited to take certain classes, the prices for these classes may differ to those run by Katrina.

Katrina's cooking school kitchen is equipped for up to eight participants in each class.

Helping Katrina in her classes is Carla Pizzini, Katrina's sister-in-law. Carla learned the basics from her mother, but has over the years managed a number of commercial kitchens including one which solely served vegetarian dishes. Carla has a gentle and encouraging manner which helps make participants feel comfortable and relaxed.

Bookings can be made by calling the winery on phone 03 5729 8278 or via email katrina@pizzini.com.au

Inquiries regarding private group bookings (friends, family or corporate) are welcome.

Gift vouchers can be organised easily and sent to you via email or post.

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A tavola! cooking school booking form - download PDF

Class descriptions

Pasta, Gnocchi and Risotto
Class $140 per person, Vino e Vita wine club $130 per person
Make pasta and the perfect gnocchi and the sauces that go with them. Participants will also learn how to make the perfect risotto.

Lunching Ladies ... & Lads
Class $140 per person Vino e Vita wine club $130 per person
Ladies who lunch will love this class. A combination of all of our cooking classes, prepare entree, main and dessert, then sit with your friends to chat over lunch. Lads are welcome!

Quick & Healthy
Class $140 per person Vino e Vita wine club $130 per person
Working parents rejoice! Whip up dinner in a flash, no fuss, healthy and yummy meals you and the kids will enjoy. Expand your weekly repertoire and enjoy the praise!

Home Cheese Making
Class $140 per person Vino e Vita wine club $130 per person
Cheese maker Anna-Kate Pizzini takes you through the Cheese making process. Includes cheese & wine matching and lunch.

Antipasti & Tapas
Class $140 per person, Vino e Vita wine club $130 per person
This class will focus on teaching participants how to prepare interesting entree sized dishes to serve as starters from dumplings to tapas and lots in-between.

spatchcockThe Dinner Party
Class & dinner $195 per person, dinner only $145
Gather six to eight couples for a great afternoon of cooking and a long evening of eating. Eight members of the group will spend the afternoon in the kitchen with Katrina preparing a four course feast while the remainder of the group can spend their time exploring the King Valley or relaxing with a book. In the evening everyone will gather in Pizzini's cellar door to sit down to the dishes prepared during the afternoon, each course will be paired with a Pizzini wine. Minimum of 12 for dinner, maximum of 16.

Pastry Queen's Flaky, Short & Choux NEW
Class $140 per person, Vino e Vita wine club $130 per person
Master the art of making different types of pastry for use in both savoury and sweet dishes. Matt Preston dubbed Katrina "The Pastry Queen" whilst on a visit to the King Valley!

Basics For Beginners NEW
Class $140 per person, Vino e Vita wine club $130 per person
If your kids are showing a passion for the kitchen, or you think they need some gentle encouragement, book them in to spend time with Katrina in the kitchen to ignite a passion for making healthy, quick meals.

Home Cheese Making, Camembert, Blue Vein, Parmesan, Ricotta & Boccincini NEW
Class $140 per person, Vino e Vita wine club $130 per person
Aimed at the novice, these cheese making classes will no doubt ignite a desire to strive for cheese making perfection. Learn the tricks to making camembert, blue vein, ricotta & sour cream. Home cheese maker Anna-Kate Pizzini teaches these classes.

Whistle Stop Tour of Street Food NEW
A world tour of dishes enjoyed by the populous including curries, noodles, kebabs, fishcakes and salads.

A tavola! cooking class timetable 2015


May 2015
Friday 1st Lunching Ladies & Lads
Thursday 7th Corporate, Educational & Social groups
Friday 8th Pastries & Puds
Saturday 9th Pig on a Spit Dinner Party
Lee Ho Fook Dinner at Cellar Door, click here for details
Thursday 28th Corporate, Educational & Social groups
Friday 29th Whistle Stop Tour of Street Food

June 2015
Friday 19th Lunching Ladies and Lads
Saturday 20th Pasta, Gnocchi and Risotto
Friday 26th Whistle Stop Tour of Street Food
Saturday 27th Pasta, Gnocchi and Risotto

July 2015
Friday 3rd Blokes and Barrels
Saturday 4th Pasta, Gnocchi & Risotto
Friday 10th Lunching Ladies & Lads
Saturday 11th Pasta, Gnocchi and Risotto
Thursday 16th Corporate, Social & Educational
Saturday 18th Dinner Party Cooking class
Friday 24th Pasta, Gnocchi & Risotto
Saturday 25th Pasta, Gnocchi & Risotto
Friday 31st Vegan Cooking NEW

August 2015
Saturday 1st: Pasta, Gnocchi & Risotto

October 2015
Friday 2nd Whistle Stop Tour of Street Food
Saturday 3rd Pasta, Gnocchi & Risotto
Friday 9th Lunching Ladies & Lads
Saturday 10th Pasta, Gnocchi & Risotto
Friday 16th Blokes and Barrels
Saturday 17th Dinner Party Cooking Class
Friday 23rd Pasta, Gnocchi & Risotto
Saturday 24th Pasta, Gnocchi & Risotto
Friday 30th Gnocchi 3 ways NEW
Saturday 31st Pasta, Gnocchi & Risotto

November 2015
Friday 6th Vegan Cooking: NEW
Saturday 7th Pasta, Gnocchi & Risotto
Saturday 28th Pig on a Spit Dinner Party

December 2015
Thursday 3rd Getting Ready For Xmas NEW
Friday 4th Lunching Ladies & Lads
Saturday 5th Pasta, Gnocchi & Risotto
Friday 11th Pasta, Gnocchi & Risotto
Saturday 13th Blokes & Barrels

A tavola! cooking school is located at Pizzini Wines cellar door, 175 King Valley Road, Whitfield Phone +61 (3) 5729 8030 Email katrina@pizzini.com.au

Pizzini Wines cellar door and cooking school is an Australian Government funded initiative under the Australian Tourism Development Program.